Monday, February 20, 2017

Namo Buddha

Arrived at Namo Buddha perfectly in time for blossom trees and a 7 day puja (prayer ceremony) which concluded in an elaborate chum (ritual dance).

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nepal, see you soon!

Youth Yoga at the Contemporary Yoga Centre, this year, next year, every year. Bring on calm, present teenagers with great posture!!

Friday night 'rest gathering' to raise funds for new beds and linnen at Namo Buddha for the young monks was magnificent, who came, who helped, the peonies, raw chocolate and great conversations. Look out for the return of more regular Friday night Restorative classes 2017.

How we roll...lateral body breathing play in class.

Our new school sign. Thank you Suzanne Day for the design and Ross at Big Ideas for sorting us out...Web site next at


Thanks Sam Loe for sharing your insights, wisdom and innovation of teaching Pregnancy Yoga to our 300 hour Trainees. Brilliant.

This is Sam Loe and Neal Ghoshal. They are AWESOME. Sam's just launched her new website with some fantastic writing to inspire intelligent practice... Sam and I are facilitating a restorative Yoga retreat near Able Tasmin National Park. Will be goodness.

Travelling for the Psoas muscle. Donna Farhi and Leila Stuart's new book comes out next year...excited to be a part of the project in the image department.