Friday, January 12, 2018

a new year...

Due to some technical challenges I had been unable to update this blog until today, thank you to my wonderful web designer Karen for the support! So, the last pile of picks are my favourites of 2017. This Blog is now over 10 years old! It is in many ways my life photo album over the 10 plus years, visually documenting the adventures, people, creatures and nature that I have met. Now it's a new year. Nothing new, everything interesting, life is good. I have had the honour over the last five years of co-facilitating yoga teacher trainings. We have a new group that started last week, love, love, love seeing how they interact with the content. Content about enlivening our understanding and experience of our living minds, bodies and spirits. Our aproach facilitates a deep dive into understanding the seeds of breath and movement and the origins of our yoga tradition. A leap of faith off the yoga mat/island into the ocean of self study. Blessings on your year, may you be well and happy. K a r l a

2 0 1 8

Island retreat

Mrs. Clause and Santa

graduation joy

n e s t i n g

A forest of yoga friends

Presenting at the Southern Cross wellness conference...

Creating humming little videos for Yoga at work

A tribe of resters - restorative yoga teacher trainees 2017


Wonder Women

r e s t

play and rest

Mana - Coromandel

Mid winter at Mana - Star Wars inspires restorative postures