Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mana - Thank you to all the wonderful participants and assistants who joined Neal and I this mid winter for the 'Joy of Rest' retreat.

Gaudi's immense and magnificent Sagrada Familia...


on retreat with Donna, Sam, Gaby, Melissa, Rhonda and 55 wonderful woman at Suryalila eco retreat, Spain. This was our sunset watching spot....

Lama Rigzin

I had the complete joy of meeting Lama Rigzin in Scotland, we had met and became friends a number of years ago at Namo Buddha, in Nepal where he was completing the lineage painting in the shrine room. We would practice yoga together at sunrise in the middle of winter. Lama is a Tibetan master painter and all round wonderful human being. We ended up at a Tibetan Buddhist Centre in a remote part of Scotland for some prayer ceremonies for world peace.

Italian walking in Italy x

In love with Florence


I've been adventuring! Everywhere I have travelled to in the last few months has been about celebration, freedom, friendship and the majesty of nature, culminating in an afternoon of wonderment in Gaudis Sagra Famila in Barcelona. The nature and landscapes were for me defined by colours... Niue - green of the tropical forest, blue of the clear ocean and pink of the coral... Ireland - green of spring grass and trees and yellow of rapeseed fields and dandelions... Italy - gold of the biuldings and pink of Mary throughout the Uffizi gallery and the abundance of peonys... Scotland - Green grass and purple spring thistles! Cliche but soo true!!! Spain - gold of the ripe wheat fields and red of the poppy fields...


I had the absolute pleasure of first meeting this human being on the last teacher training with my teacher Donna Farhi in 2015. It seems a rare and blessed thing to meet a new and straight away beloved friend who lives so far away in Ireland. I promised to visit, I did - and have had the joy of living over three weeks with Lisa in Ireland, Italy and Scotland for my 40th birthday celebrations. Lisa is a masterful teacher of Yoga and Somatics, she leads Teacher Trainings in Europe and is an all round wonderful and inspiring woman. is her web address if you would like to check her out!!

Ireland in Spring

Ganesh in Ireland

In Ireland dancing out of the car to 80's rock music...


Our sunset swimming pool.



Laying to rest, floating free and wandering in the tropical forests of Niue was pure delight, not including the papaya picked from our guest house garden. We even managed to get to a local exercise class, ideas on the brew with colaborating with the wonderful locals on a retreat to swim with the whales and dolphins and co-creating island inspired yoga practice. I will be back beloved Niue Island and would highly recommend a holiday here.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

reflections while eating fejoas

The path is not a path but to me an environment, the yoga mat is but a small island in the sea of life, all elements to adventure in. I thank my students for journeying with me to explore practice with an openess and curiosity. On another side I have the privelage of teaching new students to yoga, legs up the wall, easy breathing, cat - cows, simply standing - the basics, the mastery of easy and simple.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

easy as Friday night yoga is here!!!

Rotating classes of restorative, yin-rest-nidra, yin and moon...almost every friday this year, 6.30-8pm at our centre in Remuera. Please e mail me and I can send you out all the details,


Last year I had the life privelage of studying with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, a godmother of Somatics. The learning from four days of immersion will be life long. We explored a fluid called mesenchyme which I understand to be within the formation of bones and joints. Definitely subtle content. I'ts often the things I don't get, or even cognitively don't understand still, dive inside me on some level and brew about then emerge as a quiet facination about something like bones, blood and nerves. Feeling the bones as living, breathing tissue.

Autumn and a Spring in Italy

My room with a view is a cosy home office that looks out to a fejoa tree. My mindfulness bell is every 10-15 minutes I listen to a ripe fejoa fall. I can only say that life is that much more delicious in fejoa season. It is a wild horse of a year, fast, emotional with a feeling that all there really is to be free. I watched a room with a view recently, all roads and planes lead to Italy this May, also Ireland, Scotland and Spain. I'm calling my adventure a research trip, to be with self, yoga family, and the land of my ancestors, Scottish to the most part, and cousin Zoe also shared we have a little Italian blood. Yes!!

lounging around at the shala...

m o r e r e s t i n g . . .

The Joy of Rest! Restorative Yoga retreat at Mana this June with Neal...Thank you Yumi for the joyful you x

Friday, January 12, 2018

a new year...

Due to some technical challenges I had been unable to update this blog until today, thank you to my wonderful web designer Karen for the support! So, the last pile of picks are my favourites of 2017. This Blog is now over 10 years old! It is in many ways my life photo album over the 10 plus years, visually documenting the adventures, people, creatures and nature that I have met. Now it's a new year. Nothing new, everything interesting, life is good. I have had the honour over the last five years of co-facilitating yoga teacher trainings. We have a new group that started last week, love, love, love seeing how they interact with the content. Content about enlivening our understanding and experience of our living minds, bodies and spirits. Our aproach facilitates a deep dive into understanding the seeds of breath and movement and the origins of our yoga tradition. A leap of faith off the yoga mat/island into the ocean of self study. Blessings on your year, may you be well and happy. K a r l a

2 0 1 8

Island retreat

Mrs. Clause and Santa

graduation joy

n e s t i n g

A forest of yoga friends

Presenting at the Southern Cross wellness conference...