Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Feeding the bumble bee - a short story by Karla

I picked her up, she was weary and tired, wings torn from a summer journeying from nest to nectar again and again. I held her on my finger, I could feel her feet in the spiralling grooves of my fingerprint. Into the kitchen, teaspoon into the honey jar and into her, urgently filling up on her sisters honey. Feet sweet in the honey she starts to groom, beat, hum, her weariness lifting and she’s off, hovering for a moment then away.

Humming with Karla Brodie October 27 – 28 – 29 - 2023

Join Karla for a weekend of regenerative movement practices, Restorative Yoga and wander walking – complemented by nourishing and seasonal food and the land that is Mana. The themes and practices this weekend are about kinship, wholeness, deep rest, elements and the senses.

‘What style of Yoga do you teach?’ - ‘One that cultivates deep rest’

‘What style of Yoga do you teach?’ - ‘One that cultivates joy’


We have re-designed our Centre website!

There’s a wonderful creative team supporting the Yoga Centre including photographers, artists and designers. We have revisioned our web site to include the current class timetable, Wellness Classes, our Teacher Training Program, Yoga at work, articles, monthly events retreats and more. Please feel welcome to check it out!

Sunday Sloth Sessions

Join Karla and friends for a series of Sunday afternoon Restorative Yoga Gatherings at the ‘bat cave’ - Contemporary Yoga Centre, Remuera. Part of the proceeds will go to nature / wildlife conservation, animal welfare, Wellness classes and friends in Nepal. March 26 / April 30 / May 28 / June 25 / July 30 2-3.30 or 4.30-6

Friday, November 11, 2022

M a r u i a

I kept wandering There was somewhere and nowhere to go Out here Now where In here I can only stay still for a while, savouring all the space Feeling light feet imprinting heavily into the wet sand I wander again

H u m m i n g a t M a n a

11/11/22 The last few months have been epic personally and professionally to say the least. I have had the blessing of being a part of deep and inspiring learning processes with graduates from our training programmes, weekly classes, private lessons, South Island adventures with beloved friends and just this last weekend a Humming retreat at Mana sharing my love of ‘natura naturans - nature naturing’. There is a most exquisite reciprocity of love and care, kinship and community. I am grateful, humbled, whole and in the garden again. Here’s a lovely testimonial from one of the retreat participants. It beautifully captures a moment of ‘eudaimonia - the condition of human flourishing’. “ My retreat with Karla was the perfect reset, creating space to connect with myself and the natural world again. There was also a lively sense of fellowship she helped foster within the group. Karla has the most generous spirit and creative mind. She guides you to commune with complex topics through an intricate knitting together of narratives, images, sounds, and movement. Generosity and acceptance were touchstones of the experience. I can't wait to spend more time with Karla and continue learning and growing. “ Emily

Friday, September 30, 2022

The Nature of Rest - A Restorative Yoga Retreat with Neal and Karla - 16 • 17 • 18 June 2023. In the deep heart of winter this joyous retreat gifts space to rest, nourish and revitalise. Join us for ease-full Restorative and gentle yoga as well as iRest Yoga Nidra - complemented by the seasonal offerings of Mana: wood fires, delicious food and forest wanders. Bookings are now open

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